A drag and drop page builder

Manage pages in any PHP project.

Use PHPageBuilder

Easy, Powerful & Customizable

PHPageBuilder can be used in any PHP project
and is built with customization in mind!

Easy to install

To quickly spin up a website, use the boilerplate. You can install the page builder via Composer, or as Zip since it does not require any other packages.

Use in any project

Use PHPageBuilder without any framework, with Laravel or integrate it in your favourite framework.

Create advanced blocks

Create blocks with self-defined settings in which your client can easily manage advanced functionality.

Based on GrapesJS

PHPageBuilder is built on the most powerful open source page builder: GrapesJS

Edit pages anywhere

Manage pages from any device at any location with your responsive drag and drop page builder.

Customize your page builder

With an extensive config file, PHPageBuilder can be customized to your needs.